On the 16th and 17th of April 2024, the UNCOVER Coordinator RMA presented UNCOVER Project at CYCLOPES Dissemination Event in Vienna. The event, hosted by CYCLOPES – Cybercrime Law Enforcement Practitioners’ Network, https://www.cyclopes-project.eu/about-us

The UNCOVER Project was presented to a diverse audience of cybercrime law enforcement practitioners and the consortium sized the opportunity to highlight the significant advancements made in the project and to engage with stakeholders committed to combatting cybercrime.

The event included a mixture of tool demonstrations, keynote speeches, presentations and interactive sessions to address the priorities previously obtained through CYCLOPES’ practitioners’ workshops. The event was split across specific pillars, with horizontal topics included in each day:

  • Access to Data and Lawful Interception – Including Network Communications and Cloud Services:
  • Digital Forensics, Covering the Internet of Things, Automotive and Mobile Devices & Wearable Technologies
  • Dark Web Monitoring, Crypto Assets as Facilitators of Cybercrime
  • Cyber-related Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation.

Moreover, the cross-cutting themes included:

  • AI Technologies – a Hindrance and Opportunity to Law Enforcement
  • Standardisation and the Need for a Harmonised Approach
  • The Budapest Convention and Legislative Support to Countering Cybercrime
  • Cooperation and Communication with Relevant Organisations and Domains

Participating in such events is integral to UNCOVER’s mission to exchange knowledge and expertise and to foster collaboration and strengthen the collective effort against cyber threats. UNCOVER is honored to contribute to this ongoing dialogue and looks forward to continued collaboration with CYCLOPES and other projects in the fight against cybercrime.

For more information about the event, visit: https://www.cyclopes-project.eu/news/cyclopes-dissemination-event-vienna-austria-16-17-april-2024