Workshop at Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice

Workshop at Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice

On March 27nd, 2024, the Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice hosted the workshop, a special event for seminarists from Czech Republic who are studying computer science, and attend computer science elective course in their last 2 years of study. The workshop was conducted by Martin Benes, from the University of Innsbruck. Among the various workshops and lectures offered, one of them was about image steganography and steganalysis, in continuity with the frame of the UNCOVER project.

The workshop had an overall theme of solving a mysterious crime that happened on the campus. Similarly to the previous MIP Day Workshop, the lecturers were captured on a photo stealing a bike. The attendants were “detectives”, trying to decode their steganographic communication to find out whether they were guilty or not. To do so, they had to learn about how to process images in a computer, how to hide secret messages into them, and how to find them.

The workshop was interactive and engaging, as the students used various tools and methods to manipulate and analyze images. They also learned about the applications and challenges of image steganography and steganalysis in the real world.

The students were able to discover this by decoding the hidden message in the photo, which was a proof of ownership of the bike.

The workshop was a success, as the students enjoyed learning about a fascinating topic and solving a fun mystery. They also gained valuable skills and knowledge that could spark their interest in pursuing further studies or careers in computer science.

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